Selected Publications

"Buffalo Cactus"

in Gulf Coast

Short story was listed as a distinguished story in The Best American Short Stories 2015. It was anthologized in Buffalo Cactus and other Stories from the South West published by the University of New Mexico Press in 2018. It was nominated for a Pushcart.

"Death of a Citizen Abroad"

in Brevity

A short piece of nonfiction from the months when I lived in Tanzania. 

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"Shift Work"

in Workers Write

Short story reviewed here.

"A Brother, Lost and Found"

in The New York Times

"A Brother, Lost and Found" was published as a Modern Love column. 

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"In the Gulf of Mexico"

in The Greensboro Review

Short story nominated for a Pushcart. 

"Water in the Empty Part of the Map"

in The American Scholar

A nonfiction piece about the treacherous quest for the source of the Nile that was the downfall of John Hanning Speke.

"Patron Saint of Infants"

in CutBank

Short story reviewed here

"Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things"

in The American Scholar

Nonfiction piece in the Reading Lessons section.

"Over Seven Billion Served: The dynamics of the population boom and demographic transition"

in Virginia Magazine

Feature story.

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"Major Arcana"

in Meridian

Nonfiction about writer Tina Blevins.

"The City We Lived in after the War"

in War, Literature, and the Arts

Short story.

"Second Person"

in Storm Cellar Quarterly

Flash fiction. 

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"Bringing the Hospital to the People" 

in Virginia Magazine

Feature story.